14-15 May 2025
SEC, Glasgow

Community and local energy show floor theatre (Day 1)

Working with Local Energy Scotland, we invite papers that showcase the role of community and local energy in meeting the Scottish Government’s climate and energy targets alongside the just transition: We’d like to hear from community and local energy projects (past, present and future) and those involved in developing, financing, delivering, researching and supporting them.  Broad themes below;

  • People
    • Successful and effective early engagement in community and local energy projects
    • How different groups needs have been considered, represented , and how they participate in, local heat and renewable energy projects
    • Community attitudes to renewable technologies in local contexts
  • Shared Ownership and Community Benefits
    • Shared ownership – insights from developers and or communities
    • Community benefits addressing fuel poverty, the cost of living crisis and or carbon reduction projects
    • Community benefits – insights from developers and or communities
  • Business models and funding, finance and support
    • Loans and grants, share offers, and support
    • Business models for community energy projects
  • Islands
    • Insights from energy innovation in Island communities
    • Local energy systems approaches
  • Technical solutions and innovation
    • Approach to decarbonising heat
    • Community scale flexibility
    • Local energy system approaches
  • Community and local energy case studies
    • We’d like to hear about project stories, both Nationally and Internationally.
    • Ideally from those communities involved but also from researchers or advisors.

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