14-15 May 2025
SEC, Glasgow

Taking action to ensure a sustainable future

Decarbonising the events industry, together

At RX, we’re serious about sustainability. We are founding members of the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge to make our company, our events and the wider events industry net zero. We commit to being net zero by 2040 and to make a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In 2023 we published our pathway to net zero, setting out our reduction strategy with key milestones for all our events.

Given the complex nature of our supply chain and the emissions associated with a show, it is only by working together as an industry that we will be able to reduce our impact. We are building a company of net zero heroes to take action and ensure a sustainable future. It’s only by working together as an energy industry that we will achieve our goals.

Sustainability is a key factor, and this year, we’re working to make our net zero goals inclusive of all visitors and exhibitors, for the most carbon friendly All-Energy and Dcarbonise ever. With 92% of exhibiting companies already taking measures to reduce their event impact on the environment, we are diving into new practices this year on how to make stands more sustainable, as well as taking measures to recycle more, and decarbonise the supply chain.

Our main focus for our sustainability this year lies in reducing our consumption of disposable items, and instead investing in new methods of sustainability, like reusable lanyards, badge holders, and more. If you’re interested in learning more or have an affinity improving the carbon footprint of your company, come together to exhibit with us in May 2025. 

What are we doing for sustainability at All-Energy and Dcarbonise?

Maximising your experience, minimising waste

You asked, we delivered: We heard you loud and clear through our onsite survey! In response to your preference for sustainability, we're thrilled to announce a significant step to reduce paper waste. Starting now, we will be eliminating printed show catalogues. Get all the details on our All-Energy App - plan meetings, access content, explore what's on and view the floorplan.​

Onsite signage 

You asked, we delivered: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the eco-friendly printing processes used by our suppliers. Employing water-based inks, they ensure a clean printing experience without harmful VOCs. 

Our signage is designed for easy recycling, contributing to a greener future. The non-dated signage allows for continual reuse, emphasizing our dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Sustainable stand packages

Our shell scheme stands as a versatile, eco-friendly solution, serving multiple events year after year. All light fittings feature energy-efficient LED lights, reducing power consumption and the need for frequent replacements. 

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the exhibition-specific carpet is recovered post-show and recycled, repurposing it into new, environmentally-friendly products

Recyclable items

You asked, we delivered: All items provided to exhibitors and visitors will now be recyclable, including materials such as lanyards and badge holders. Join us in our commitment to sustainability!​

The venue

Explore SEC with convenient water stations for free refills. 

In collaboration with Levy UK+I, SEC presents culinary delights crafted from Scotland's natural larder. The menu emphasizes a minimum of 80% Scottish-sourced, seasonal food, supporting producers committed to sustainable and responsible agricultural practices. Learn more about the SEC Net Zero Road-map 

Carry Less, Collect more

You asked, we delivered: Embrace a streamlined and sustainable event experience with our cutting-edge digital tools designed for both exhibitors and visitors. Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to efficiency. Seamlessly collect and manage onsite information with our innovative solutions. No need to carry around or display printed brochures and cards, have a lighter and more sustainable experience.​

Waste management 

The SEC Glasgow is actively committed to achieving net-zero by 2030, guided by ambitious resource goals that drive its sustainability initiatives. Focusing on reducing waste volumes and elevating recycling rates through advanced waste management practices, SEC contributes significantly to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. 

Sustainable Food Strategy​

You asked, we delivered: We have been working closely with The SEC Glasgow and Levy UK+I to create amazing food direct from Scotland’s natural larger. ​

The SEC Glasgow is committed to using a minimum of 80% Scottish-sourced, seasonal food, grown by producers using sustainable and responsible agriculture processes, offering healthier choices for us and our planet.

Join our sustainability community by sharing your success story! We believe that every effort towards a greener future matters. Whether it's reducing carbon footprint, embracing eco-friendly practices, or fostering a green culture, your journey can inspire others. Submit your sustainability success story below and be part of the positive change we're making together!

How can you be more sustainable?

Check out our Exhibitor Environmental Checklist before the show.

Use the designated recycle bins around the show floor to dispose of your waste.

Refill your own water bottles using water fountains and bring your own reusable coffee cups.

Go digital, reduce waste! Navigate your event seamlessly with our digital tools! The event app is your all-in-one guide for schedules, exhibitor info, and meetings. Replace printed flyers with Colleqt, effortlessly collecting exhibitor details via QR code scans.

Eco-travel Tips: Leave your car, embrace walking, cycling, or public transport for a greener journey. Choose sustainable stays for an eco-friendly experience


Elevate your exhibiting experience! Boost your presence with our digital solutions! Colleqt streamlines engagement, replacing printed flyers with QR code scans. Manage interactions, showcase offerings, and gain insights effortlessly. With Emperia, skip business card exchanges—seamlessly scan visitor badges

Join us on our path to sustainability - 
every step together counts towards making a sustainable future

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