14-15 May 2025
SEC, Glasgow

Sustainability Initiatives of selected exhibitors

CINK Hydro - Energy k.s.

CINK Power Box

CINK Hydro - Energy k.s. is proud to supply hydro turbines to Scottish Water, aiding their net-zero goal by 2040. The company's standout project is the CINK Power Box at Hamilton WWTW, a 48 kW powerhouse integrated into the treatment process, showcasing trust in their technology. This marks the start of a long partnership supporting Scottish Water's sustainability journey.

Stand: P31

University of Strathclyde

MBA Sustainable Energy Futures Programme Launch Symposium

On January 26, 2023, the Strathclyde Business School's Executive Education and Development Department hosted the MBA Sustainable Energy Futures Programme Launch Symposium, which showcased the groundbreaking programme and featured industry leaders and academics discussing energy-related challenges. The event was opened by Strathclyde Business School's Associate Principal and Executive Dean, Prof. David Hillier, and Director of Corporate Engagement, Katie Ballantyne, and marked the start of an exciting journey towards addressing key issues such as net zero, the cost of living crisis, and energy supply security.

Stand: P58

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

Modern Machining Equipment

Gilkes has invested in modern machining equipment, notably a 5-axis machine tool, to double their current in-house machining capability. This investment considerably increases productivity, ensuring Gilkes' global competitiveness.

Stand: HIE Pavilion / HIE59


Improving Renewable Asset Productivity

RES is committed to increasing the productivity of renewable assets by leveraging worldwide teams and experience to achieve above-market availability. Despite lockdown hurdles, RES personnel have worked relentlessly to ensure a consistent supply of clean electricity for over 600,000 UK households. This endeavour is especially significant in light of a record-breaking period in the energy sector, which has included 20 consecutive days of coal-free electricity generation, a feat not witnessed since 1882.

Stand: K30

Mabbett & Associates Ltd

Sustainable Practices

Mabbett is an environmental consulting and engineering firm dedicated to sustainability, minimising their environmental impact through practices like using sustainable materials, reducing paper use, limiting travel, and aiming for low carbon emissions in building usage and travel. They've also focused on energy efficiency in their Glasgow headquarters, earning nominations and recognition for their low-carbon initiatives.

Stand: F25

Cambridge Global Payments

Digitalisation of Payments

Cambridge Global Payments' Corpay Cross-Border Solutions uses proprietary payment automation technology and currency risk mitigation solutions to connect businesses of all sizes to global financial markets. They take pride in facilitating frictionless transactions and developing global financial connections.

Stand: D31

Natural Power

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Natural Power's sustainability initiative utilises insights from onshore wind asset management to bolster operational safety in battery energy storage systems (BESS). With utility-scale BESS increasingly integrated into the UK electricity network for frequency regulation and renewable technology collaboration, Natural Power aims to apply its expertise to enhance safety and efficiency in energy storage practices.

Stand: C30

Wave Energy Scotland

Wave Power Cost Reduction Projects Funded

Two groups will split roughly £1 million to fund projects that aim to reduce the costs associated with wave generation. These teams, led by consulting engineers at Arup and rope and mooring experts at Tension Technology International, have received funds from Wave Energy Scotland (WES) to demonstrate how new material uses can reduce the cost of using wave energy.

Stand: HIE60 / Team Scotland

Dunstan Thomas Energy

Genstar4's EnergyHub

Genstar4 provides energy traders with tools for portfolio balancing and trade execution, as well as allowing plant operators to maintain real-time visibility of their holdings and meet contractual commitments. Given this, EnergyHub complements Genstar4 by providing customisable portal solutions and modern technologies adapted to the energy sector's requirements. EnergyHub's component-based structure and customisable dashboards provide users with actionable insights, dynamic data visualisation, and seamless connections with a variety of data sources and systems. It is a comprehensive solution for modernising energy market operations, including optimising legacy systems and improving client portal experiences in the electricity, gas, and water markets.

Stand: G53


Voltage Optimisation (VO) Technology

Wernick Group partnered with Powerstar, led by Alexis Massey, to implement Voltage Optimisation (VO) technology, aiming to reduce costs and carbon emissions while maintaining efficiency. Richard Hipkiss from Elemental Consulting Group facilitated the collaboration, resulting in a 9.2% energy consumption reduction and annual CO2 savings of 19 tonnes at their Kenfig facility. This success has led to broader VO implementation across Wernick's estate, with significant annual savings reinvested in low-carbon initiatives, showcasing their commitment to sustainable manufacturing with Powerstar's innovative solutions.

Stand: L07

Triodos Bank

Global Clean Energy Financing

Triodos Bank was named the leading renewable energy arranger in 2023 after closing 140 deals worth more than $504 million in 2022 alone. The bank's commitment to sustainable energy spans decades, with projects ranging from solar parks to community energy initiatives and e-bike infrastructure, all of which contribute significantly to the transition to a low-carbon economy. Triodos Investment Management, a subsidiary of Triodos Bank, expands its influence by focusing on renewable energy transition funds and supporting decentralised energy projects, which correspond with the bank's aim of a fossil-free future.

Stand: C58