14-15 May 2025
SEC, Glasgow

Showfloor Theatres

Showfloor Theatres


Innovation – a liver thread running throughout the show

All-Energy has long had a close association with UKRI, Innovate UK and KTN – the conference programme demonstrates this with their hand on the tiller of six sessions. The Innovate UK stand will showcase exciting innovations and offer a hub to network and collaborate with industry experts. As proof of how important innovative solutions are to the audience at both All-Energy and Dcarbonise, there will be not one, but two Innovative Solutions show floor theatres open on 11 May – one close by the Innovate UK stand, and the other just in the next area, taking Day 2 ownership of the Built Environment decarbonisation theatre.


Sponsored by DWF

A packed programme of presentation on Day 1

From ‘Grid development: Key enabler to deliver 50GW offshore wind by 2030’ to ‘Using AI to identify mooring line shock load events at floating offshore wind farms’, the Offshore Wind Theatre (10 May - 10:30 – 16:00) lies at the heart of the exhibition and will, as always, be a key event element. Its programme complements offshore wind conference sessions sponsored by Shepherd and Wedderburn in the Lomond Auditorium - looking towards 2030, Ofgem’s session on new offshore transmission infrastructure, floating offshore wind; the supply chain; INTOG; plus ‘Meet Tim Pick’; and a Marine Scotland session (11 May - 11:00-12:30) ‘What’s happening in 2023’.


Four central themes for an enlightening day

Local Energy Scotland’s (LES) programme in the show floor theatre spotlight embraces ‘Technical solutions and innovation’, ‘Funding and markets’, ‘Urban energy projects’, and Community benefit, collaboration and shared ownership’ with over 20 stakeholders taking part explaining the ‘what, why, and how’s’ of community and local energy and sharing lessons learned.  The programme starts at 10:15 and runs until16:15 on Wednesday 10 May with plenty of time for Q&A and networking. On 11 May the main conference programme features two LES sessions one on ‘Community and Local Heat’ (11:00-12:30 and the other looking at ‘Shared Ownership and Community Benefit’ (14:00-15:30).


The annual EMEC & Friends session is unmissable!

Following a day-long ‘Marine Renewables and Floating Offshore Wind’ programme in the main conference on Day 1 the show floor theatre will be abuzz on 11 May with quick-fire presentations from 10:30 onwards. For the first time, in deference to INTOG, we have brought floating offshore wind under the ‘marine renewables’ banner. You think you’ve seen quick fire – just wait until the European Marine Energy Centre and those friends of theirs give their ocean updates – with so much going on in the waters off Orkney they might break all speed records!


Stressing the importance of decarbonising heat

Three conference sessions (10 May) devoted to ‘Heat transition to net zero’ stress the importance of encouraging everyone in Scotland and indeed throughout the UK to grasp that proverbial nettle and set about decarbonising heat NOW! The show floor theatre is in operation on both days and features hour-long sessions on both Wednesday and Thursday from the Danish Board of District Heating; a riveting conversation between ScottishPower and WWF on ‘Heat Pumps: Everything you need to know” and so much more – yes, hydrogen gets a look in too! Well over 30 presentations in the theatre as well as those conference sessions should inspire you!


Delighted to have MCS with us at the show!

MCS aims to see certified products and installations in every UK home and community. If you are an Installer wanting to be certified, if you are a home or office owner wanting to find a certified installer, with MCS exhibiting at the show and leading a panel discussion in this theatre (15:00-16:00 on 10 May) on ‘Decarbonising Scotland’s homes’, you’ve come to the right place! The theatre will be in operation on Day 1 (it switches to become Innovative Solutions 2 on Day 2) and also features ETZ, Changeworks; GeoPura, Zero Waste Scotland; the NMIS; ScottishPower and SSE.


What’ happening in Orkney and much, much more!

Both hydrogen and energy storage feature prominently on the main conference programme (three H2 sessions and two energy storage ones, as well as H2 panellists in many sector-specific sessions). From ‘Fast tracking an electrolytic hydrogen project in Glasgow’ at 10:30 on 10 May right through to the final presentation on Day 2 ‘Overcoming the challenges of intermittent renewable generation for hydrogen and hydrogen-derivative production’ there is much to inspire you. Be sure to catch the ‘Hydrogen updates from EMEC and friends’ on Day 1. Just like Day 2’s ‘Ocean updates’ these EMEC sessions are a true highlight. We are grateful to them and their speakers for being with us.


The Shell-sponsored Transport Decarbonisation Theatre is set to be busy and buzzing following a highly topical round table discussion in the main conference, featuring Shell UK. Aptly the show floor theatre kicks off with both Shell Eco-marathon teams explaining how they have designed/built their vehicle. Other highlights during the two days include decarbonisation of railway transport and ports, public transport, EV infrastructure as well as the all-important topic of enabling transport decarbonisation cross the supply chain.

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