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  • The 'Roticulating' Compressor

    Company:   FeTu Ltd

    • C58

    A ‘quad-acting’ concept, scalable, a true positive displacement principle. A15kW compressor weighing 5kg achieved 6.2 Barg at only 1000RPM with +80%...

  • The GM700 Gantry Barge

    Company:   Green Marine (UK) Ltd

    • ORK25

    The Green Marine Gantry Barge was designed to lift and deploy all types of marine structures and anchors from the seabed or surface for maintenance, i...

  • The Green Storm

    Company:   Green Marine (UK) Ltd

    • ORK25

    Green Marine has expanded its fleet by purchasing a Damen Twin Axe 26m long CTV named the “Green Storm”. The vessel will focus on servicing the Off...

  • Transport

    Company:   Collett & Sons Ltd

    • D41

    Our years of experience in the renewable energy industry allows us to provide a seamless specialist logistics service for the complete delivery of win...

  • Turgo Turbine

    Company:   Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

    • HIE59

    The Turgo Impulse turbine was developed by Gilkes in 1919 to be a simple impulse type machine with a higher specific speed than a Pelton. Head Range ...