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  • Boltight Typhoon Hydraulic Bolt...

    Company:   Nord-Lock Group

    • ORK10

    Typhoon single stage and multi stage tensioners are used for tightening critical bolts on wind turbine bolted connections.

  • Consulting

    Company:   Collett & Sons Ltd

    Our Team of Transport Consulting Professionals analyse the impact of abnormal loads providing specialist route planning for all the heavy transport pr...

  • Energy Generation

    Company:   Ecotricity Ltd

    • K61

    We can design, build, maintain and supply all your wind and solar generation needs, providing end-to-end support throughout.

  • Expander Pivot Pins

    Company:   Nord-Lock Group

    • ORK10

    Expander pivot pins are used on the Nacelle Axle to prevent lug wear

  • Galion Lidar

    Company:   Wood

    • H21

    With its unique all-sky scanning capability and up to 4km range, Galion Lidar is a pioneering, cutting-edge wind speed measurement technology.

  • Heavy Lift

    Company:   Collett & Sons Ltd

    With our range of lifting equipment, engineering services, hydraulic jacking & skidding, crane hire, contract lift and SPMT operations we safely under...

  • Marine

    Company:   Collett & Sons Ltd

    The in-house expertise within our Marine Division allows us to carry out all ship's agency, stevedoring, shipping operations and vessel chartering for...

  • Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers

    Company:   Nord-Lock Group

    • ORK10

    Wedge-locking washers are using on bolts for platforms, ladders and other bolted connections on a wind turbine to stop bolts from coming loose from vi...

  • Powersystems Grid Connections Product...

    Company:   Powersystems UK Ltd

    • J38

    Powersystems Grid Connections Product Data Sheet

  • Powersystems Renewable Energy Product...

    Company:   Powersystems UK Ltd

    • J38

    Powersystems Renewable Energy Product Data Sheet

  • Superbolt Ezfit expansion bolt

    Company:   Nord-Lock Group

    • ORK10

    Superbolt Ezfir expansion bolts are usind for couplings on wind turbines

  • Transport

    Company:   Collett & Sons Ltd

    Our years of experience in the renewable energy industry allows us to provide a seamless specialist logistics service for the complete delivery of win...

  • Windplanner

    Company:   Marc van Grieken

    • K07

    Windplanner is a web based design, visualisation and communication tool in 2D, 3D and VR.