Academic Poster Presentations

Academic Poster Presentations

15 May 2019, 09:00 - 17:00

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Old Housing, New Heating: An Argument for District Heating 
Michael-Allan Miller, Neil Burnside, Zhibin Yu, University of Glasgow

Understanding Wellbore Integrity for Deployment of CO2 Storage
Dr Amir Jahanbakhsh, Research Associate, Heriot Watt University 

Process integration of lithium-based sorbents into natural gas combined cycle power plants for high temperature CO2 capture
Ahmed Saleh, PhD Researcher, Heriot-Watt University

An oxy-fired CO₂ power cycle for flexible zero-emissions electricity generation
Charlotte Mitchell, PhD Candidate, Institute for Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh

Using novel AI techniques and automated negotiation for renewable energy integration in developing countries: A case study in sub-Saharan Africa
Christie Etukudor, PhD Student, Heriot-Watt University

Improved Access Forecasting for Offshore Wind
Ciaran Gilbert, PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

The GeoEnergy Test Bed - an innovative field laboratory for subsurface research
Ceri Vincent, Geophysical Basin Analyst, British Geological Survey

Fully integrated EV energy storage using transport infrastructure
Professor David Stone, University of Sheffield

REPSCORE:  A data-driven tool for assessing the expected performance of renewable energy projects
Dr Daniel Fredrich, Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Local Energy System Archetypes - A framework for exploring the technical, commercial and institutional issues around local energy schemes
Damien Frame, Research Associate, University of Strathclyde

Evaluation of novel microporous activated carbons for energy-related CO2 capture processes
Enrique Garcia, Research Associate, Heriot Watt University

Li4SiO4-NiO composites for CO2 recycling through methanation reaction
Elizabeth Vera, PhD Student, Heriot Watt University

Viability of PV and battery storage in a medium potato storage facility 
Gerard Reaburn, PhD Researcher, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Offshore Decommissioning: Synergies Between the Oil & Gas and the Wind SectorsProfessor
Gioia Falcone, Rankine Chair, Professor of Energy Engineering, University of Glasgow

Development of Specifications for the Application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) to Hydropower Resources
Professor Gioia Falcone, Rankine Chair, Professor of Energy Engineering, University of Glasgow

Progressing geothermal energy potential to actual energy output: lessons learnt from international implementation of the UNFC and applicability to the UK’s geothermal energy resources
Professor Gioia Falcone, Rankine Chair, Professor of Energy Engineering, University of Glasgow

Algorithm Design for Distributed Frequency Response
Ioannis Antonopoulos, PhD Student, Heriot-Watt University

Polyaniline/ferrite graphene nanocomposites Spongy for High-Performance Super capacitors
Professor Ibrahim, Zewail City of Science and Technology

Empty land versus sacred site: unexpected objections to proposed commercial wind turbines in a developed western society
Dr Jennifer Speirs, Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

Electric Vehicle charging demand modelling - a Glasgow Southside case study
James Dixon, Researcher, University of Strathclyde

Thermal Energy Network Optimization for Smart Micro Energy Network among Various Building Types
Dr Jaejoon Choi, Scientific Researcher. Korea Institute of Energy Research

Better estimates of offshore wind LCOE from audited accounts
John Aldersey-Williams, Director, Redfield Consulting 

Calculation and Optimization of Photovoltaic Panels Tilt Angle
Khari Sado, Assistant Lecturer, University of Duhok

Towards a Carbon Negative Circular Economy: Capturing CO2 from Municipal Solid Waste in the UK 
Dr Laura Herraiz, Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Edinburgh  

Energy localisation at micro levels
Laszlo Bokor, Researcher and Teacher, Frugeo Geography Research Initiative

Development of energy-efficient mixed-metal oxides based adsorption systems for Industrial CO2 capture
Li Anne Cheah, PhD Student, Heriot-Watt University

Understanding energy justice across deprived areas of Scotland through community projects
Louise Mitchell, Postgraduate Student, University of Edinburgh

Design and development of organic-inorganic composite for industrial CO2 capture
Dr Manohara Gudiyor Veerabhadrappa, Research Associate, Heriot-Watt University

Advanced Gasification Technology Producing Low-carbon Combined Heat and Power
Dr Manosh Paul, Reader in Thermal Engineering, University of Glasgow

Renewables and Interconnector Imports in Britain: Limits to System Non-Synchronous Penetration
Marcel Nedd, PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

Biogas Upgrade using Physically Activated carbons obtained from waste biomass precursors
Muhammad Imran Masood, PhD Student, Heriot Watt University

A multi-dimensional analysis of smart grids - Developing a framework for assessing the contribution of micro-renewables towards Sustainable Development Goals in an institutional environment
Peter Gudde, Energy Projects Manager/PhD Researcher, Greater South East Energy Hub/Universities of Suffolk and East Anglia

Developing Optimised Borehole Heat Exchanger Designs for Deep Geothermal Single Well Systems
Sean Watson, Research Assistant, University of Glasgow

Influence of Historic Mining on Glasgow’s Subsurface Thermal State to Inform Geothermal Research: A Review
Sean Watson, Research Assistant, University of Glasgow

Glass fibre from major electric transmission to renewable site to exact cycle required
Dr Stephen Dealler, Director and Researcher, Green Door 

Integrated Grid Expansion Planning with High Distributed Solar PV
Syahrul Nizam Md Saad, PhD Reseacher, University of Edinburgh

Biomass and coal compared: expanding a dynamic lifecycle analysis of wood bioenergy
Will Rolls, PhD Student, University of Leeds

European Offshore Multi-Use Platform in the Light of ‘The Ocean of Tomorrow’ and Horizon 2020, Review from Electrical Point of View
Walid Nassar, PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

Power Enhancement of SOFC Power generation Systems Using Thermal Management and Dynamic analysis
Y.H. Chan, C.-H. Yang, S.-C. Chang, W.-S. Chang and C.-H. Li

The design and stack performance of air-cooled PEM fuel cell
Ching-Ying Huang, Shiauh-Ping Jung, Chih-Chia Lin, Shing-Cheng Chang

Detection of Flooding in Counter Flow Packed Column by Electrical Capacitance Tomography
Zhigang Li, Associate Professor, University of Edinburgh; China University of Petroleum


  • Gioia Falcone


    Rankine Chair, Professor of Energy Engineering

    University of Glasgow

    Gioia Falcone is Rankine Chair, Professor of Energy Engineering at the University of Glasgow. Until June 2018, she headed the Geo-Energy Engineering...

  • John Aldersey-Williams



    Redfield Consulting

    John Aldersey-Williams has worked in the energy industry since 1984. Graduating in geology, he worked in oil and gas in technical and commercial...

  • Stephen Dealler


    Director and Researcher

    Green Door Ltd

    Stephen Dealler is a Doctor and Doctor of Philosophy with multiple qualifications. He has worked on energy production and insulation for several...

  • Syahrul Nizam Md Saad


    PhD Researcher

    University of Edinburgh

    Passionate research professional in energy systems with a demonstrated history of working in the electricity industry. Experienced project manager...

  • Laszlo Bokor


    Researcher and Teacher

    Frugeo Geography Research Initiative

    Laszlo is a qualified researcher and teacher specialising in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Laszlo's research has been focusing on the...

  • Laura Herraiz


    Postdoctoral Research Associate

    The University of Edinburgh

    Laura is a post-doctoral researcher in the Institute for Energy Systems at the University of Edinburgh. She has a large experience in process...

  • Amir Jahanbakhsh


    Research Associate

    Heriot-Watt University

    Amir Jahanbakhsh is a Research Associate at Heriot-Watt University. His research interests include CO2 Storage, Multi-phase Flow in Porous Media, and...

  • Charlotte Mitchell


    PhD Candidate

    Institute for Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh

    Charlotte has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and began her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2017. She works in the Carbon Capture and...

  • Daniel Friedrich



    University of Edinburgh

    Dr Daniel Friedrich (DF) is a Lecturer in Mathematics for Engineering Applications at the Institute for Energy Systems in the School of Engineering...

  • Manohara Gudiyor Veerabhadrappa


    Research Associate

    Heriot-Watt University

    Dr Gudiyor Veerabhadrappa is currently working on developing sorbents for Carbon dioxide capture and utilization.

  • Ceri Vincent


    Geophysical Basin Analyst

    British Geological Survey

    Ceri Vincent graduated with an MSci in geophysics from the University of Leeds. She has worked at the British Geological Survey on CO2 storage...

  • Walid Nassar


    PhD Student

    University of Strathclyde

    Walid Nassar is a PhD student at the Electronic and Electrical Department, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. Walid received his degree...

  • Ciaran Gilbert


    PhD Student

    University of Strathclyde

    Ciaran Gilbert graduated with a masters in Sustainable Engineering with a speciality in offshore renewable energy in 2015. He is currently a PhD...

  • Louise Mitchell


    Postgraduate Student

    The University of Edinburgh

    A recent graduate from The University of Edinburgh, with a masters in Environmental Sustainability, and now progressing through a PhD at the...

  • Elizabeth Vera


    PhD Student

    Heriot Watt University

    Elizabeth is a PhD student at the Materials Research Institute at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and is currently spending a...

  • Sean Watson


    PhD Researcher

    University of Glasgow

    Sean Watson is a PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow. Before he began his PhD studies, he graduated with a 1st Class MEng Civil Engineering...

  • Ahmed Saleh


    PhD Researcher

    Heriot-Watt University

    I am a third year Ph.D. researcher in RCCS group, Heriot-Watt University. My Ph.D. research topic is about the process integration of...

  • Manosh Paul


    Reader in Thermal Engineering

    University of Glasgow

    Research interest and experience in the area of application of gasification (bioenergy), combustion, waste-to-energy, combined heat and power (CHP),...