Power Forward Challenge Pitch Event

Power Forward Challenge Pitch Event

16 May 2019, 13:00 - 16:00

Alsh 2

Organised by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Power Forward is the UK / Canada joint challenge on smart energy systems innovation sponsored by BEIS and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). As electric vehicles, smart devices, storage systems, remote connectivity and the like become more commonplace, the demands placed on our electricity grids are highly complex and very different from when they were built. Through the Challenge, the UK and Canada are jointly offering over £11 million to develop the best smart energy systems, including grids and storage, for the needs of the 21st Century, supporting the UK Industrial Strategy Clean Growth Grand Challenge around smart systems for the future. This session will have 5-6 semi-finalists pitching their proposals to BEIS representatives. All stakeholders are welcome especially potential investors that might want to meet the semi-finalists.

Topics and Speakers: Introductory remarks by John Hasar, Smart Energy Innovation Manager, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Megan Wood, Trade Commissioner (Clean Technologies), High Commission of Canada, followed by 5-6 pitches.

Introductory Remarks:

  • John Hasar, Smart Energy Innovation Manager, BEIS
  • Megan Wood, Trade Commissioner (Clean Technologies), High Commission of Canada

Pitch 1, MERLIN:

  • Kyle Murchie, Innovation Strategy Engineer, SSE
  • Hisham Omara, VP of Strategic Growth, Opus One Solutions

Project MERLIN (Modelling the Economic Reactions Linking Individual Networks) delivers a first-of-a-kind transactive energy management system in the UK to optimise economic network investment, maximise the business case of industry investors and deliver cost efficient energy to the wider consumer, from 2021 and beyond.

Pitch 2, Cloud ZUoS:

  • Alex Schlicke, Co-Director, Scene
  • Lee Morris, EVP Sales, Enbala

This project will design and implement the Cloud Zonal Use of System (Cloud ZUoS) Energy Services platform. The aim is to provide optimal grid and electricity costs within a local energy market (LEM) context, by integrating grid and load control across generation, storage, and demand side response.

Pitch 3, Energy Open Piazza:

  • Thomas  Alisi, Tech Lead, UNIT9

Energy Open Piazza is a software platform that leverages behind the meter data interoperability for both simulated and real-world scenarios, allowing players to forecast efficiencies and evaluate competing solutions for the implementation of real-world systems.

Pitch 4, ENERGY-IQ:

  • Vijay Natarajan, Founder & COO, Qbots

ENERGY-IQ will accelerate the smart energy grid through Energy as a Service for non-domestic customers.

Pitch 5, EVs in the Community:

  • Alex Monegro, COO and Co-Founder, ReWatt Power

ReWatt’s technology facilitates EV adoption and use, by integrating siloed information and increasing information access to allow communities, utilities and their partners to eliminate the intermittent, high-load risk of EV’s.

Pitch 6, Grid-Friendly EV Charging Hubs:

  • Himanshu Sudan, Founder, eCamion / InspecTech UK

InspecTech UK is proposing to research, design and demonstrate novel grid-friendly Electric Vehicle (EV) charging hubs in the UK.

Pitch 7, Positive Energy Campuses:

  • Ruth Kerrigan, R&D Director, IES Integrated Environmental Solutions
  • Ian Pyburn, Innovation Consultant, IES Integrated Environmental Solutions

The project provides a unique opportunity to deliver a positive energy campus (PEC) leveraging the University’s smart campus development alongside some of its diverse existing building portfolio, as an energy research testbed embedded within the Glasgow Innovation District.


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