Grid 1 - Distribution System Operator - opportunities for DER at all scales

Grid 1 - Distribution System Operator - opportunities for DER at all scales

15 May 2019, 11:00 - 12:30


Sponsored by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks 

This session includes speakers from Ofgem on the role of regulation in DSO and the Open Networks Project on the breadth of work currently ongoing in the DSO space. It also features a speaker from the first community energy scheme to trade electricity in National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism, and an extended Q&A with a panel representing some of the many projects and trials underway in the UK and Ireland including TRANSITION, FUSION, Power Potential, The Dingle Project and Project LEO. 

A must-attend session for anyone seeking to better understand or participate in future flexibility markets. 

Chair: Stewart Reid, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

The role of regulation for platforms and flexibility under DSO; Supervision and management of multi-platform user markets
Jonathan Brearley, Executive Director – Systems and Networks, Ofgem

Overview of DSO current work and the projects underway – focus on opportunities for DER
Jason Brogden, Open Networks Project Director, Energy Networks Association 

Gateshead Energy Company, the first community energy scheme to trade electricity in National Grid’s most important real-time energy market: The Balancing Mechanism
Dr Alastair Martin, Chief Strategy Officer, Flexitricity 

Community energy opportunities in DSO
Barbara Hammond MBE, Chief Executive, Low Carbon Hub

Facilitated panel discussion and audience Q&A also involving

  • Graham Campbell, Head of DSO, SP Energy Networks
  • John Fitzgerald, ESB Networks
  • Dr Biljana Stojkovska, National Grid ESO


Programme subject to change


  • Barbara Hammond MBE


    Chief Executive

    Low Carbon Hub

    Dr Barbara Hammond's 25-years in sustainable energy includes time in local government, central government, the private sector and academia. This...

  • Alastair Martin


    Chief Strategy Officer


    Dr. Alastair Martin is a professional energy engineer with experience ranging from gigawatt-scale coal and nuclear power stations, through industrial...

  • Biljana Stojkovska


    Innovation Manager

    National Grid ESO

    Dr. Biljana Stojkovska is an esteemed figure in the energy revolution with one of the most transformational projects that the energy industry has...

  • Jason Brogden


    Open Networks Project Director

    Energy Networks Association

    Jason Brogden is the Project Director for the Open Networks Project for Energy Networks Association (ENA), the voice of the UK energy networks. ENA's...

  • Jonathan Brearley


    Executive Director - Systems & Networks


    Jonathan Brearley joined Ofgem in 2016 and has been the Executive Director of Systems & Networks since 2018.  He is responsible for energy systems...

  • John Fitzgerald


    Project Manager, ESBN Dingle Project

    ESB Networks

    Graduated from University College Cork with Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Joined ESB Networks working in the areas of; Contract...

  • Graham Campbell


    Head of Distribution System Operations (DSO)

    SP Energy Networks

    Graham Campbell is the Head of Distribution System Operations within SP Energy Networks (SPEN). Graham is responsible for realising SPENs ambition of...


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