Clean Growth Innovation Showcase, hosted by Innovate UK

Clean Growth Innovation Showcase, hosted by Innovate UK

15 May 2019, 11:00 - 14:00

Hall 1

Hosted by Innovate UK

Seventeen of the UK’s most innovative energy and infrastructure companies have been hand-picked by Innovate UK to come on stage for short fire pitches. They are looking for; new partners, first customers and follow-on investment. Find out what they could offer you.

A networking lunch will follow (from 12.30) where you can chat with those who have pitched and take a close-up look at their technologies on display. 

ACT Blade
Founded in 2015, ACT Blade develops the lightest and most controllable wind turbine blade. It is of an internal composite structure and covered entirely in textile. Because it is lighter, longer blades can be produced. That means, the ACT Blade can directly reduce the cost of energy. The technology is a prototype stage and has received a statement of feasibility by the DNV GL.

BIM Academy
The consultancy has successfully concluded the Smart Connected Buildings project which aims to integrate building design information, sensor data and user feedback to produce meaningful alerts and advice to builders and owners. The project was undertaken over 12 months in partnership with Northumbria University and National Energy Foundation to assess the feasibility of a building performance measurement and advice platform, something currently lacking in the industry. Your Homes Newcastle supported the scheme, providing homes to deploy over 60 sensors gathering data which were linked to a 3D building model, delivering alerts to stakeholders and providing a central source for analysis.  Data collected through the sensors included room temperature, humidity, ambient light, CO2, and energy usage, all of which could be linked to specified areas of the model and displayed in real time.

Brill Power
Brill Power's intelligent battery management system (BMS) significantly improves the lifetime, reliability and safety of lithium-ion battery packs, while reducing the overall cost of energy storage systems. Developed at the University of Oxford, our BMS is based on a unique control method, which optimally utilises every cell in a battery pack, thereby extending its lifetime by up to 60%. Our technology is suitable for both stationary energy storage as well as electric vehicles. 

Cheshire Energy Hub
Cheshire Energy Hub works with its member organisations and key stakeholders in promoting collaborative action, advancing the skills agenda and working towards business solutions to drive economic development in Cheshire and the wider North West region. Working closely with local University, Council and LEP, it has established the Energy Innovation District to deliver a new whole energy system in the North West of England.

Connected Energy
Connected Energy is the leader in commercial deployment of a technical and commercial concept, pioneering a circular economy approach to energy storage by using second life batteries EV. Our uniquely sustainable commercial offering as well as our ethos and company culture make us distinct. Connected Energy works alongside OEMs in the wider emerging EV circular economy to maximise the value derived from the finite resources embedded in EVs.  

Dukosi Limited
Our revolutionary cell-based solution integrates monitoring, processing and communications to optimise battery pack design, provide deep cell level data, and greatly improve pack reliability. Our proprietary near field wireless architecture transforms the way complex batteries are designed, deployed and managed in emerging high volume applications.

Engas UK Ltd
Engas UK Ltd is introducing a 90% lower cost CO2 capturing technology to purify raw biogas into bio-CNG fuel for vehicles and for electricity generation in small and medium scale for cities and villages by utilizing the organic waste.  Engas UK can supply a market ready, plug and play- portable Bio-CNG refuelling plants to create a highly-flexible, movable, smarter infrastructure for energy storage and refuelling of vehicles at farms, landfill sites, at smaller sewage treatment sites, large housing projects, hotels, vegetable markets, dairy farms to convert their organic waste into raw biogas and then into bio-CNG fuel and electricity.   The Indian Govt (the Department of Science and Technology) has provided funding for projects to build multiple Bio-CNG pilot plants in India and to adapt the Engas UK’s technology as per the Indian climatic and market conditions. 

Entrust Microgrid LLP
Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd focuses on research, system design, product development, manufacture and distribution in smart microgrid based on patented technologies, offers innovative hybrid DC/AC networked smart microgrid system solutions and products for both domestic properties and commercial buildings.

Marine South East Ltd
A novel anchoring solution has been developed to tether the next generation of floating wind platforms and other floating facilities.  This is based on screw pile technology and subsea robotics, to offer a significant cost saving over traditional solutions.  Heads of agreement has been reached with a leading global floating wind developer.  A prototype has been tested successfully, and the consortium (including Lloyds Register and Sustainable Marine Energy) is seeking investment to build and demonstrate a commercial-scale installation facility.

OakTec is an innovation company, developing efficient power-train technologies with low environmental impact. National winner of the 2014 Shell Springboard clean-tech innovation competition, our Pulse-R multi-gas engine is a low cost, clean, energy efficient, robust technology for multiple applications including generators for off grid power, industrial equipment and small vehicles. With exceptional combustion tolerance it produces efficient power using any gas fuel including renewable bio-gas and hydrogen. It has significant cost benefits compared to petrol and diesels of the same output. Pulse-R is now being commercialised for global markets and in particular as a direct replacement for incumbent diesel engines.

Additional info: (@PulseRengine, "Developer of small and medium sized gas engines") 

Oceanflow Energy Limited
Oceanflow has developed Starfloat, an innovative floating platform for supporting very large capacity wind turbines. The solution allows assembly at established industrial port facilities using existing infrastructure. This will support the establishment of a manufacturing base for what will be a key renewable energy technology to address the climate change challenge. The patented platform design and assembly method will support cost competitive floating wind projects around the world.

OrxaGrid’s IoT sensors are installed on critical grid nodes - substations, overhead lines, and transformers. Data from the sensors is analysed through machine learning algorithms to determine abnormal conditions and predict occurrences of power cuts, losses, and theft. Network events are then displayed to customers in a user-friendly web & mobile app. 

Traditional pumped-energy-storage (using water) provides 96% all energy-storage globally. It is the oldest and most mature energy-storage technology globally. It works by pumping water up hills using low cost abundant electricity and releasing it to regenerate electricity when prices are high and energy is scarce. RheEnergise has developed a High-Technology Fluid with a density of 2.5 times that of water. This means 2.5 times the power density and 2.5 times the energy density. Projects are much smaller and less expensive than competing technologies. It provides for larger market, 300% more sites in Europe alone. It also addresses 75% of the world with insufficient rainfall for pumped-hydro, which becomes a new market for the RheEnergise pumped energy storage solution.

Rotaheat delivers clean safe heat, addressing the global sustainability challenge to decarbonise energy.  Efforts to decarbonise energy have typically focused on electricity supplies.  Heat, accounting for half of all energy consumed, has largely been ignored, with the primary incumbent solution involving the combustion of fossil fuels. Rotaheat’s two models, the Pico and Micro, are capable of delivering up to 250kW of clean heat without relying on either fossil fuels or electricity.

StorTera is an Edinburgh based energy storage specialist that provides customised innovative solutions to a range of customers in the UK and abroad. We are developing a novel single liquid flow battery that promises to be a game changer in the energy storage industry. The flow battery will be highly economical and scalable as well as providing a 20 year lifetime, millisecond response time and long duration energy. We also provide comprehensive, economical and scalable energy storage units that include our smart lithium ferrous phosphate modules and highly functional hybrid inverters in an IP65 rated enclosure.

Swanbarton pioneers local energy markets where prices are negotiated freely between the participants’ smart agents, in real time. Swanbarton provides the control systems to enable energy storage, across a wide range of scales, to generate new revenue streams. Swanbarton also promotes new energy technologies through its leadership of the International Flow Battery Forum, and provides consultancy to help energy storage businesses to profit from new opportunities.

Wind Farm Analytics Ltd
Existing diverging beam LIDARs have weaknesses in measuring wind velocity and turbulence intensity within complex flow due to complex terrain, complex weather, wake and induction zone (turbine bow wave). Patent-granted converging beam LIDAR, with laser scanning, can map the wind velocity field three-dimensionally. A ground based product onshore and a floating product offshore allow improved site selection and turbine selection at the planning stage to avoid significant losses due to increased O&M cost and early end of asset life. A blade/rotor-integrated version allows for control improvements for operational turbines, increasing annual energy yield, reducing fatigue loads and increasing asset lifetime.

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