What They're Showing

  • A taste of some of the exhibits you will see at All-Energy/Smart Urban Mobility Solutions

    Thanks to the exhibitors who have produced this information.


    A two metre high 3D-printed operational 4navitas Vertical Axis Wind Turbine on stand A21 denotes the launch of the world’s first commercial scale vertical axis wind turbine. Three years in development, the radical new design is manufactured in the UK and incorporates a wealth of patented design features, which greatly enhance power generating output at low wind speeds and significantly reduce the total costs of ownership.

    It is high performance & low maintenance by design; self-starting even at low wind speeds; it offers superior performance in turbulent airflow and gusty conditions; it has an environmentally friendly concrete free foundation; and installation is quick with minimal plant.

    It will feature on the newly introduced Innovation Trail; is naturally of interest to those attending the onshore wind conference sessions and has export potential. www.4navitas.com

    Argyll and Bute Renewable Alliance

    Argyll and Bute Renewable Alliance’s (ABRA) stand is a network stand – showcasing the Argyll and Bute area; the abundant energy resources, the supporting infrastructure, a mature supply chain in R&D, construction, fabrication and O&M. “Come and meet a range of business representatives and support organisations,” they say. Their exhibits are of interest to those attending the bioenergy, community and local energy, marine renewable energy, on- and offshore wind sessions of the conference. www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/discover

    Bouygues Energies & Services

    Bouygues Energies & Services (K68) Energy and. Sustainability is integral to each of our core markets and we have developed understanding of many approaches and technologies. All-Energy attracts such a wide and varied audience with many differing needs, wants and issues that we believe we will have the answer for many. By working across a variety of markets and sectors, we gain an insight into forward thinking technologies that few organisations are privileged enough to capture. The expertise gained in the process engineering coupled with an array of energy technologies projects can be implemented across a range of manufacturing and commercial facilities be them private or public owned.

    Their exhibits are of use to organisations seeking to improve energy efficiency, reduction of energy consumption and operational costs and known expectations of CAPEX ROI. As they explain: “There are numerous energy challenges today which will only become more critical as the years progress ranging from increasing energy costs, security of supply, technology choice and pressures over CAPEX deployment.

    They offer full in-house capability with efficiency studies, energy performance contracts with the option of funding, process development, optimisation and upgrade through to energy generation, be it conventional or renewables. Their exhibits are of interest to those attending the bioenergy, energy efficiency, energy from waste sessions. www.bouygues-es.co.uk
  • Bowers Electricals

    Bowers Electricals (K52) will be showcasing a transformer on their stand. They are really keen to talk about their new Amorphous Core Transformers that they have coming for 2018. These Transformers will exceed the strict 2021 EU Eco Design specifications, and prove ideal for customers who are looking to reduce energy costs as well as lower their emissions.

    This is the first time that Bowers Electricals has ever exhibited in Scotland. They say: “We are really excited by the opportunity to meet new people and hopefully reconnect with some old faces. We believe Scotland is very active marketplace and energy efficiency and renewable energy projects are growing at significant rate. We wanted to showcase what we can do to the contractors, consultants and end users of Scotland.” www.bowerselec.co.uk

    Brugg Pipesystems

    Brugg Pipesystems (B49) is launching CALPEX PUR-KING, which will be on the All-Energy Innovation Trail. Through its continued intensive research and development work Brugg has succeeded in reducing the thermal conductivity of CALPEX pipes to a lambda value of 0.0199 W/mK (measured at 50°C and substantiated by an accredited testing institute).

    This is the lowest value anywhere in the world and makes it possible to go significantly below the previously believed physical heat conductivity for polyurethane. The new range of CALPEX pipes with these advanced insulation properties will be branded CALPEX PUR-KING and gradually introduced onto the market from April 2018.

    They are of interest to those attending the following conference streams and sessions: bioenergy; community and local energy; energy from waste; energy systems; geothermal; heat; and have export potential. www.bruggpipesystems.co.uk


    Centrica – To help reach their Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), the government has made funds available for nursing and care homes across the UK. Centrica is working with their low carbon consultancy partners to supply and install new biomass heating and hot water systems free of charge. The scheme must be delivered before July 2018 as the government will be reducing their level of support and these funds may no longer be available.
  • Czech Pavilion Exhibitors (J30)

    SIMETI s.r.o

    SIMETI s.r.o a will be highlighting their off-grid independent power facility. This is available in both a mobile trailer version and a power container portable version. It offers wind and solar combined power, an electronic management and controlling system, battery storage, and back-up petrol/diesel generator, and an on-shore and off-shore wind generator up to 30kWp.

    Simeti’s product is a device for generating electricity using the kinetic energy of wind. It was originally designed as a prototype for a small wind turbine, primarily intended for hot water in small objects. After the first tests showed the device capable of relatively high efficiency, an enlarged work area was specially developed for this device, and an electric low-speed synchronous generator was directly established by the main rotor axis wind turbine direct drive system.

    The device is a unique method of using wind energy. The actual wind turbine has a vertical axis of rotation with three flat blades rotating about the size of 2.4 square meter base of one blade. With the new design it achieves higher device efficiency than other vertical turbines. In conjunction with low-speed generator power the entire device is very powerful considering its size and thus the possibility of placement.

    The original idea was to design a product, the construction and subsequent inspection and maintenance work will be feasible commercially available technology, so the entire design sets solved modularly and its location in the basic size is possible due to low weight on a standard roof systems, masts, poles, etc. A characteristic feature of the whole set is its superior performance in contrast to its size. Although the device is small in size, its performance is comparable to significantly larger in the middle-VE performance. Diameter of the turbine itself is about 80% less weight and even 90% lower than the typical equipment for the production electricity from wind, the coefficient of efficiency is at a higher level. www.simeti.eu

    Gentec CHP

    Gentec CHP will feature the Micro Cogeneration Unit (KE-KNG 30) producing power and heat. Their micro-cogeneration units, with power output of 33 kWe, have a unique construction of two separated inside chambers increasing the total efficiency of the unit – and silent operations. Japanese Kubota engines are used.

    Their featured exhibit is used for the production of combined heat and power. GENTEC CHP a Czech manufacturer of CHP units providing flexible solutions for the projection, delivery, operation and maintenance of combined power, heat and cooling units. www.gentec.cz

    Smart Heating Technology

    Mobile boiler rooms from Smart Heating Technology have already helped a good number of Scottish farmers to establish their edge in heating fuel economy so this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to make savings via this channel. www.smartheating.cz/en/

    Fitcraft Savebox

    Fitcraft Savebox powerful LiFePO4 battery packs take profit from a world class battery management system of their own in-house electronics. Using nano materials in batteries is also a topic to be explained. https://fitcraftenergy.cz/en/

    DWF LLP (G69) will be discussing 'Trading across borders: what are the challenges for renewables businesses looking to expand into other countries?’ They’ll be challenging visitors to their interactive stand to join this debate; and they will be launching a new report on the renewables market in Africa.

    As a legal services business that specialises in the energy sector they will be focusing on a second key agenda in the sector as well, ‘the energy transition – what does it mean for your business’. www.dwf.law


    Ecotricity (L65) will be announcing the launch of their virtual power plant, their partnership with German VPP operator Next Kraftwerke and the benefits this will bring to the, their customers and also how it contributes to the smart grid development that DNOs / DSOs need right now.

    It’s special because it will be the first VPP in the UK that is based solely on renewable energy, as well as the fact that it demonstrates an important co-operation between a German firm and a UK one, contemplating a long-term relationship, despite the challenges of Brexit.

    Businesses, customers, renewable generators, storage asset owners, developers will all find the development of interest. A film loop will show how the VPP works. This is the first time Ecotricity will have showcased itself, which, at a time of a lot of challenges for the independent supply sector, demonstrates our commitment to renewable energy and the fact that we are trying to do something genuinely pioneering in this fast evolving space. Ecotricity was founded in 1995 as Britain’s first renewable energy company, and one of the first independent UK energy suppliers with demand of 0.8 TWh across 120,000 electricity meters, and 1.1 TWh over 80,000 gas meters. Our generation constitutes 87.2MW of wind capacity across 24 wind parks, (74 wind turbines). Plus 1 solar so far. We have 70 MW of battery in planning which has secured grid access, some of which we’ll co-locate with renewable assets. www.ecotricity.co.uk

    Elmeridge Cable Services Limited

    Elmeridge Cable Services Limited (H58) will feature the CPI3 is a Size 3 Plug In Connector for 33kV GIS terminations. It is three-piece, cold fit assembly, with a range taking stress cone, shear-bolt connector and silicone rubber body. No special tooling is required, quick and easy to install, with minimal training for competent MV jointers. Fully type tested and available on short lead times. The range taking capability enables users to have their own stock to suit 150 – 630sqmm 33kV polymeric cables. Their exhibits are of interest and use to all MV, HV and EHV network owners and operators, DNOs, renewable developers, cable installation contractors, jointing companies, design houses and consultants. www.elmeridgecableservices.com
  • Epsiline

    Epsiline’s YawAdvisor (J70). is a nacelle-mounted laser wind sensor specifically designed to detect yaw misalignment of wind turbines. This robust, highly reliable and cost effective solution has been specifically conceived to be used as a diagnostic tool, that is easy to install and uninstall and that can be rotated from turbine to turbine. It is of particular interest to those involved with onshore wind, and with energy efficiency/energy. management. www.epsiline.com

    European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

    The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) (ORK19) has produced hydrogen gas using electricity generated from tidal energy in Orkney. This is the first time that hydrogen has been created from tidal energy anywhere in the world. The first tidal-powered hydrogen was generated by EMEC on Friday 25th August 2017.

    By harnessing the power of the tide at EMEC’s tidal energy test site at the Fall of Warness, Eday, Orkney, prototype tidal energy converters – Scotrenewables’ SR2000 and Tocardo’s TFS and T2 turbine – fed power into an electrolyser situated next to EMEC’s onshore substation. They will be featuring this great achievement by means of photographs of the hydrogen kit in Orkney, infographics of the hydrogen system; and a model of hydrogen generation showing how an electrolyser and fuel cell work and generate hydrogen. www.emec.org.uk
  • FlexiSolar

    FlexiSolar (P40) is a design, manufacturing, installation and operations company specialising in the integration of solar PV, electric vehicle charge-point stations and commercial carports.

    FlexiSolar is positioned at the centre of the three key technologies of the decade - electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, battery energy storage and renewable energy in the form of solar carports.

    Their vision is to integrate these technologies to provide clients with reduced costs, revenue generation, energy security, EV infrastructure and a premium, weatherproof parking experience for staff and customers.
    Their featured exhibit is of use to companies that have large car parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity, generated from the sun, whilst benefiting car users. A surface car park is usually uncovered and open to the elements, the construction of a solar carport allows the vehicles and users to be sheltered from adverse weather conditions. Substantial savings can be made on EV charge-point installation as ground-works for cable trenching are shared with the solar installation.

    Installing a solar PV system not only saves money on your electricity bills but also protects against rising electricity rates in the future. The utility rates and solar policies in your area will influence how much you can save.

    Solar carports can increase land value and create revenue opportunities for site operators from EV charge-points, branding and advertising, motion activated LED and parking aids.
    FlexiSolar has started construction of a large scale commercial carport for Bentley Motors’ manufacturing headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire. In a six-month project due to complete in September 2018, FlexiSolar will construct what is set to become the UK’s largest solar carport system to date, with 10,000 solar panels with a capacity of 2.7MW. The bespoke solar structures will shelter approximately 1,378 car parking spaces at the Bentley manufacturing facility.

    FlexiSolar is backed by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency driven to support the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy.

    FlexiSolar’s solar carport structures are uniquely designed to best fit the requirements and scope of each site. In Crewe, FlexiSolar’s V-Frame Double Row Mono Pitch solar carport design will appear across twenty-seven parking rows.

    The new solar carport system at Bentley has also been designed and manufactured by the FlexiSolar team, with the project funded by Guinness Asset Management under a power purchase agreement. www.flexi-solar.com
  • Geosoft

    Geosoft (J24) will demonstrate their software and custom solutions for mapping and modelling the earth’s surface and subsurface, in both land and marine environments, for geophysical surveys for wind farms, geotechnical assessments, unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, geothermal and other geoscience surveys. www.geosoft.com

    GES Group

    GES Group (M39) will be launching the Smart Energy Storage Cube™. This is supported by Invest NI and the European Regional Development Fund. GES is taking energy storage to new heights with all new technology. Their bullet points tell you why they are so excited about this new technology: “smart”; peak shaving; renewable maximisation; 250kW-1MW capacity; in-pilot; proven faster and more effective. They highlight renewables, curtailment, large energy users as the groups likely to be most interested in this new development. www.ges-group.com

    GBE S.p.A

    GBE S.p.A (G50) is an Italian company based in Vicenza, specialising in the production of cast resin and VPI transformers. “Our exhibits are special because with them we can demonstrate to all UK customers that we are able to produce every type of transformer and reactor,” they say. “The main product in UK is the oil-filled British Design transformer, but we would like to have more market also for the cast resin transformers. We are able to satisfy all customers’ requests as we are able to produce special transformers, including transformers with an amorphous core.”

    Both exhibits are used by electrical companies, utilities, solar plants, wind farms and every substation where MV/HV electricity is required. www.gbeonline.com
  • Gilkes Hydro

    Gilkes Hydro (Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd) (HIE28) will feature Gilkes HydroView – The next generation in remote monitoring (and firmly on the All-Energy Innovation Trail). This expands on current capabilities by providing a number of cost and time saving improvements. HydroView presents a centralised interface using cloud-based technology to safely and securely store data, while allowing access from any internet connected location. Overall the HydroView system leads to cost savings due to: reduced downtime, reduced on-site time and increased site visibility.

    They highlight the fact that Gilkes 2018 open day will be held at the 5MW Pattack Hydro Scheme located on the Ardverikie Estate in the Central Highlands of Scotland on the 21st June 2018 and ask those interested in attending to register online as soon as possible (more information there and in the All-Energy longer online preview). www.gilkes.com

    HI-Energy and Energy of Orkney Pavilions

    The HI-Energy and Energy of Orkney Pavilions will showcase the fantastic activity which has taken place in the Highlands & Islands over the last 12 months, Highlands and Islands Enterprise will again this year be hosting the HI-Energy Pavilion. “Year on year All-Energy provides our supply chain exhibitors with a world class conference, key industry insights and opportunities to showcase their expertise to a targeted renewable energy audience.

    Since last year’s conference, several key renewables projects have progressed in the region utilising the local capabilities in their development, these include: Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm (BOWL); tidal energy success – led by Atlantis Resources with the MeyGen tidal stream project; and Scotrenewables Tidal Power’s record-setting SR2000 2MW floating tidal turbine. Then infrastructure upgrades continue such as the ‘drying-out’ of the dry dock at Kishorn and Kishorn Port Ltd’s upgrade investments; Stornoway Port Authority’s 20-year masterplan has seen seabed testing completed to help guide the design and construction of their future deep-water facility.

    Then there is Orkney’s world-first achievement where EMEC has produced hydrogen gas using electricity generated from tidal energy in Orkney. This innovative project will help overcome grid constraints in the Orkney Islands by enabling excess tidal power generated to produce hydrogen. The HI-Energy Pavilion will feature a range of supply chain organisations, including project developers, operators, local suppliers and port and harbour sites, spanning a range of renewable energy sectors. (Read much more in our long online version of “What They’re Showing”!) www.hi-energy.org.uk and www.orkneymarinerenewables.com
  • Mactra Offgrid

    Mactra Offgrid have chosen All-Energy for the show debut of the Schenker Watermaker using DC Power supplied by Solar Panels and Micro wind turbines. They will also focus on Sunset Solar panels and Superwind Micro turbines for offgrid use including powering internet services and for everyday use, exhibits they are sure that those attending the solar and off-and onshore wind conference sessions. www.mactra-offgrid.co.uk

    Maincor Limited

    Maincor Limited (B48) will focus on a new product, the Maincor Impress Professional Plumbing System, which is of interest to professional plumbing and heating installers, and will feature on the All-Energy Innovation Trail. They will also be featuring underfloor heating; and the Flextra pre-insulated pipe system. www.maincor.co.uk


    Moventas Gears UK (J28) and PGC are forming a gearbox service partnership to serve customers across All-Ireland. Moventas and PGC will bring local, fast, and cost-effective services to the customers across All-Ireland and demonstrate the benefits of workshop location, resource capability, experience and innovative up-tower solutions. Fast and efficient OEM standard refurbishments for kW, MW and MMW gearboxes will be achieved utilising joined up resources and workshops located in Toomebridge, Co L/Derry and at Huddersfield where the dedicated multi-brand 3.6MW Full Load Test Bench is available for all customer requirements.

    They will feature a 3D printed and assembled working GBX model with cut out section showing the internals of a Moventas gearbox specifically designed for wind turbines.
    In a nutshell: • Moventas is one of the leading wind turbine gearbox OEMs in the world.
    • They have a multi-brand service approach, offering comprehensive service for it's own brand and third party gearboxes globally.
    • They have manufactured wind turbine gearboxes since 1980 and has an install base greater than 15,000 units globally.
    • Moventas provides the following services with a key focus on innovative solutions, product availability and service turnarounds.
    • Local service centres with global support network; and • Field Service - uptower repairs, condition management systems, endoscopic inspections, analysis & prognosis
    • Workshop Service - Multi-brand capability, 20+ turbine brands, 60+ turbine models, repairs & performance enhancing upgrades
    • Spares - replacement gearboxes - new & refurbished, own Moventas brand and multi-brand, full unit replacement pool, component parts www.moventas.com/
  • Nevis Environmental

    Nevis Environmental (HIE29) has recently been purchased from Wind Prospect Group Limited by a private investor bringing exciting growth plans for the future.

    Highlights on their stand will be the “highly anticipated Nevis Environmental sunflowers” ; as well as insightful technical bulletins, capability documents, case studies of current and recent projects; and expert advice on legislation changes, planning conditions, risk management and statutory bodies. www.nevisenvironmental.com

    Nexus Vehicle Rental

    Nexus Vehicle Rental (D29) will be showcasing, and demonstrating, its unique rental booking and management software (IRIS), which provides customers with access to the UK’s largest supply chain of 550,000 vehicles, including 100,000 specialist and commercial vehicles, 50,000 HGVs and a range of low emission and green vehicles. The technology means new rentals can be booked in 30 seconds and repeat bookings in just 10 at the click of a mouse or via smartphone. www.nexusrental.co.uk/
  • Our Community Energy

    Our Community Energy (L09) is a new Scottish initiative with a mission with a mission to use the benefits of renewable energy generation to alleviate fuel poverty across the UK.

    “We are a community-owned renewable energy initiative, supported by the UK’s biggest service provider for community energy, Mongoose Energy. Our current portfolio includes two wind farms in Pogbie, East Lothian and Brockholes, Berwickshire. We are aiming to provide our partner, not-for-profit energy supplier Our Power, with a minimum of £1.9million over 25 years to help alleviate fuel poverty in the UK.

    “By taking advantage of our upcoming bond and equity offers totalling £2,2875 million, you’ll earn a healthy financial return, help make energy bills fairer for those most in need and join the growing numbers of people supporting community energy across the UK. Capital at risk; returns not guaranteed.”

    Mongoose Energy, the organisation behind Our Community Energy, is the UK’s largest manager of community-owned renewable energy assets. It was set up to increase community ownership and control of energy generation, democratise the energy sector and improve the lives of those in the communities in which it operates, as well contributing to the decarbonisation of the energy system.

    They’re majority-owned by organisations called Community Benefit Societies (known as BenComs), which are FCA-registered mutual organisations set up to develop and run clean energy projects and support complementary initiatives in their local community.

    BenComs are set up by groups of local people and are legally required to trade for the benefit of the community, with any surplus profits generated by their projects invested straight back into local charities and good causes. Mongoose Energy has so far raised over £100 million for the 12 community groups with which it works across the country. More than 3500 people across the UK have invested in projects managed by Mongoose Energy, many from within the communities local to the projects themselves. www.ourcommunityenergy.co.uk/
  • PARAT Halvorsen AS

    PARAT Halvorsen AS (L50) Norway’s leading manufacturer of steam and heat energy systems is preparing to promote its power to heat solution, the PARAT High Voltage Electrode Boiler. This is cheap to operate with an efficiency rating of 99.9%; they have no moving parts, zero emissions and relatively small footprints, even for the largest units. Available across a power range from 5MW to 60MW, they can be fired up to operate at full capacity in just 30 seconds for both steam or hot water.

    Those attending the energy efficiency; energy storage; grid; and heat conference sessions will find this of particular interest. www.parat.no

    Pinnacle Power

    Pinnacle Power (C40): With Energy is a new energy company, set up by Pinnacle Power to provide low-cost heat, power, operations, maintenance and customer services to new residential developments across the UK. With Energy provides the pre-pay and post-pay customer service and billing to customers on existing and new build heat networks.

    Unlike the big energy companies, With Energy is designed specifically to provide communities with low-cost, low-carbon energy, allowing residents to have their own community energy brand and benefit from on-site generated heat and power. A completely localised model, Pinnacle Power aims to revolutionise the energy sector with its With Energy offering, all the while supporting stronger, more sustainable communities. www.pinnaclepower.co.uk

    Renewable Exchange

    Renewable Exchange is launching PowerFair, an online tool for analysing the value of embedded generators and connecting them with all their Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options in the market. “PowerFair, which you will find on the All-Energy Innovation Trail, brings together insight and connectivity to allow asset managers and portfolio owners an automated online solution to ensure their assets are commercially optimised, always!

    “Never before have embedded generation owners had such transparency and clarity on the revenue stack underlying their assets and such an easy way to access the entire market. With a full embedded benefits breakdown, owners can not only understand exactly where their revenue streams come from, but they can assess the risks, analyse historic data, reconcile invoices and adopt innovative new PPA trading strategies that are built on knowledge, expertise, connectivity and best practise.” PowerFair is of interest to: asset managers, embedded generation owners, PPA offtakers, and investment funds. www.renewableexchange.co.uk
  • SAC Consulting

    SAC Consulting will be representing Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) and will be available to discuss renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage as appropriate at a farm scale. They will be highlighting opportunities for farms and rural businesses to improve their efficiency, profitability and carbon footprint and also to establish new income streams by embracing renewable energy and energy management technologies.

    In addition to those attending the Farming session (3 May, 11:00) their service is of interest to those attending the bioenergy; energy efficiency; energy storage; heat; hydropower; solar and onshore wind sessions in the conference. www.sac.co.uk

    Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric (J40) will feature the RN2d, a ring main unit for medium voltage networks up to 13.8kv. An evolution of the existing Ringmaster RN2c, it has been designed for indoor and outdoor use with reliability, safety, longevity and smart integration in mind. The accessories and new design offers greater flexibility with multiple applications and configurations. Its compact and flexible design makes it easy to operate and maintain, while minimising the installation footprint. The RN2d serves multiple industries and can be used anywhere, delivering optimal performance in harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

    RN2d offers the best safety for personnel, plant and other assets through a combination of features:

    • Cable boxes internally are rated at 13.1Kv
    • Additional test access
    • A touch-proof metallised screen tank
    • Compliant with the latest IEC standards
    • New clear and unambiguous mimic
    • Standard operating voltages down to 3.3kV

    Its robust switch and breaker mechanism has been designed for reliability and endurance. It uses type ‘C’ bushings with multiple cabling options and VIP4 series self-powered microprocessor-based protection relays for transformer protection up to 3.5MVA are also included. The earth circuit for the latest Ringmaster has been relocated inside the equipment, to deter theft and minimise interruption to operations.
    The RN2d can be used in conjunction with Easergy T300, an innovative feeder automation RTU, for smart, advanced network management. Having role-based access control, it is compliant with the latest cyber security standards and offers directional fault passage indication and wireless LV monitoring to meet the needs of the modern distribution network.

    The RN2d is the latest in a line of heritage Ringmaster products, first created in Leeds in 1975. With 100 years of expertise, the 430 employees at the Leeds plant are still responsible for manufacturing the range today, alongside other Schneider Electric products. The Ringmaster has a global presence with over 100,000 installed in 18 countries worldwide.

    Other exhibits being showcased include:

    • GenieEvo- Primary Air Insulated Switchgear up to 13.8kV, provides a simple and highly reliable modular solutions for virtually any application.
    • UK designed and manufactured.
    • Worldwide references.
    • Up to 2000A, 25kA.
    • Advanced protection options.
    • WS – Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 36kV.
    • Up to 3000A, 31.5kA.
    • Vacuum circuit breaker for high reliability and low maintenance.
    • Designed specifically for generation points of connection.
    • ENA certified and DNO approved.
    • Extensive references in DNOs wind, solar and STOR

    In addition to these products they will also be demonstrating their Ecostruxure™ Substation Operation, formerly known as PACiS. A Digital Control System for HV and MV substations ensuring high availability through advanced protection, automation, control and supervision. www.schneider-electric.co.uk
  • Smith Brothers (Contracting) Ltd

    Smith Brothers (Contracting) Ltd (D43) is a first-time All-Energy exhibitor. They are looking forward to sharing their stories. “Having worked extensively across the UK energy sector, we have recently expanded our high voltage power engineering services into the Irish market, and have a number of exciting renewables projects on the horizon.

    “We will be showcasing the wide array of energy assignments we have worked on over the years – from wind and solar farm connections to FFR battery site energisations – and exploring why our turnkey services have become so sought after by developers and DNOs alike.” Their exhibits are of interest to developers, DNOs, project managers, consultants, procurement managers and maintenance framework contractors. www.smithbrothersltd.co.uk


    SOLIDpower (G01) will present BlueGEN- “the fuel cell micro-CHP system that combines innovation and efficiency. Thanks to innovative fuel cell technology, BlueGEN is the most efficient solution for distributed power generation and gives users a chance to make their own contribution to the energy transition of their country. The unit runs on natural gas, which is directly converted into electricity and usable heat, without combustion. BlueGEN is an MCS approved product and it is eligible to the Feed-in-Tariff.”

    They have recently completed installation of the thousandth BlueGEN shortly after its manufacture. They will display a real BlueGEN unit, with actual internal components and connections. In addition to this, a dummy BoP (Balance of Plant) will be displayed, in order to give the visitors the possibility to see the core technology of the BlueGEN, the fuel cell stack.

    Those attending the decarbonising industry; distributed energy; energy systems; farming; hydrogen and fuel cells; and sustainable cities conference sessions should find this exhibit of interest. www.solidpower.com/en


    SWEP (D21) will be launching the new B320 series of compact brazed plate heat exchangers. It forms part of SWEPs new range of larger capacity BPHEs, which offer much more flexible thermal length by optimizing the unit’s plate arrangement. This enables higher thermal capacity with expanded capacity reach. The product replaces the current SWEP B50 models.

    Christer Frennfelt, SWEP country manager for the UK, said "This new product enhances our offering and will be attractive to our existing and potential customers and partners across all the sectors in which we operate." Further news from SWEP is of its design software (now with BIM Level 2) - they are the first BPHE manufacturer to create specific BIM models from its selection software for its high capacity BPHE range. www.swep.net
  • Viessmann Ltd

    Viessmann Ltd (B20) will feature the world’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell boiler, the Vitovalor 300-P. Vitovalor 300-P is an innovative alternative for decentralised power generation. Against the backdrop of the energy debate and rising electricity prices which are growing in importance:

    • The CHP technology in future will be an important addition to decarbonise the heat network.
    • Generates up to 5000kWh per year of electricity – All year round
    • First technology that not only provides efficient heating and hot water but also electricity
    • Reduces electricity consumption in domestic homes by 60%
    • Fuel cell technology reduces carbon by up to 40%
    • Power generation is NOX free! Ideal technology to support the clean growth strategy.
    • And is suitable for 70% of UK domestic housing stock

    They will also be featuring the Vitodens 200-W Commercial cascade system:
    • 30% smaller than previous configurations
    • Adjustable boiler height on cascade frame
    • Save up to 50% on installation time
    • New preassembled heating circuit connection set
    • Available on 49 - 99 kW Vitodens 200-W models
    • Cascade 2,3,4,5 or 6 boilers up to 594 kW

    Their exhibits are of particular interest to those attending the hydrogen and fuel cell session; and also heating sessions. www.viessmann.co.uk

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